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Trustpilot 5 Stars

Sylvia was excellent

Sylvia was excellent. Very helpful and patient. She answered all of my questions.

Mike Carroll - 3 months ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Peter was very helpful and answered all…

Peter was very helpful and answered all our questions.

Barbara H - 3 months ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Choosing a plan was quick and easy

Choosing a plan was quick and easy. The questions did not take long at all to answer and a plan was recommended in a short period of time.

Courtenay - 3 months ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

My agent

My agent, Shanna was awesome. Helped me find the best policy or my needs and explained everything to me.

Lady Coinbits - 3 months ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Amanda did a great job assisting making…

Amanda did a great job assisting making process easy...

customer Jeff R - 11 days ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Travel Insurance

Patience with customer questions and help with things we do not know. Sylvia was very knowledgeable and helpful, she spent time answering.

Susan - 17 days ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Christianna was very professional and…

Christianna was very professional and friendly in answering my remaining questions after reading through the policy I had chosen. I chose an IMG plan ...

Sarah - 29 days ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

When you need help they respond

I had chosen the wrong dates for my cruise insurance and the agent responded to my request for help the agent responded immediately.

Lili - about 1 month ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Travel Insurance for a Cruise

The results display of multiple policies made the comparison very simple, together with ability to obtain an explanation on the phone from Amanda, a r...

Mark - about 2 months ago

Trustpilot 5 Stars

Well pleased

Destiny was super helpful,answered all the questions I had and explained everything in great detail..

T. Hall - about 2 months ago

How it works

At Cruise Insurance 101, we work to get you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. By comparing rates from over 30 plans, we're able to do just that. Here's what to expect:


We'll use the information you provide to get policies and rates from all our insurers for you to easily compare and filter to your preferences.


You choose the policy that fits your needs and your budget. It's as easy as that.

The Cruise Insurance 101 Price Promise

Travel insurance policy prices are state regulated. We have partnered with our insurance providers, and using the information you provide, we can find the best state approved rates.

So you won't find a lower price for the same plan anywhere else

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Cruise Insurance Marketplace

Cruise Insurance 101 is the leading Cruise & Vacation Insurance Marketplace in the USA. Customers get to compare and save on their Trip Insurance.

Aardvark sailing

We share trip protection Reviews, plans and Ratings.

Trustpilot 5 Star Review
  • We love Amazon. They make comparison-shopping simple.
  • Cruise Insurance 101 does exactly the same for you when purchasing Travel Insurance.
  • Would you like to visit each travel protection carrier directly? Of course not.
  • So, enjoy the Amazon-like experience and find the best travel insurance with Cruise Insurance 101.

Which Travel Insurance Policy Should You Choose?

That's the beauty of insurance comparison. You get to see a huge selection of policies, with guaranteed best pricing. You will not find the same travel insurance policy at a better price. This price protection is one of the best ways to assure that a traveler finds affordable travel cover.

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How To Buy Trip Insurance

Each year, Travelers in the USA spend over $3Bn on Trip and Travel Medical Insurance.
Some of them are topping up trip insurance that is on their credit cards, once they have realized how limited the cover is.

Others will have been offered Flight Insurance during the check-out process with their airline. Smart travelers question whether airline protection is good value and start looking where else they can buy the best trip insurance. Time and time again we have shown our customers that airline insurance is expensive with poor cover.

Many travelers use vacation sites such as Expedia. And Expedia, like so many other travel companies, tries to sell insurance for travelers during their check-out. Again, customers who really care about where to buy the best trip insurance should not be buying from a single-policy site like Expedia. Expedia has zero-choice and poor value travel insurance. There are much better choices available.

Customers who are asking 'Should I get Trip Insurance?' can probably get a better answer if they have options to choose from.

Why Should I Buy Trip Protection Insurance? Top 20 Reasons

  • You need to cancel your trip and be refunded.
  • Your flight is cancelled.
  • You miss your flight connection.
  • A terrorism event occurs at your destination.
  • State Department advises that your destination is unsafe.
  • A hurricane damages your holiday destination.
  • Your bags are lost or stolen.
  • Your bags are delayed.
  • You get sick whilst on your vacation.
  • If you get injured whilst on your trip.
  • You prefer to choose your own hospital and be fully refunded.
  • If you need to be medically evacuated home.
  • You lost your passport.
  • Your travel company goes bankrupt.
  • You have a free-look period and can cancel anyway for a refund.
  • If you want to Cancel for Any Reason and be partially refunded.
  • You want Cancel for Work cover for a full refund.
  • If you worry about being made redundant.
  • You need an assistance service whilst abroad.
  • Coverage costs are affordable.

CruiseInsurance101 – Best Trip Insurance Marketplace

We have become used to comparison-shopping for almost every possible purchase, so it only makes sense that we should do the same for insurance.

Trip Insurance Comparison is what we do; we are a Travel Insurance Agency.

In the USA there are a number of highly respected trip insurance carriers. They support customers at home and abroad. They 'file' their insurance policies with each state insurance commission. The price of each trip insurance policy is declared. These policies range from very basic through to highly comprehensive.

How to Purchase Affordable Travel Insurance with Price Certainty

Why is 'filed' insurance important? Well, it means that, by law, a customer will not find the same policy cheaper. It cannot be done. So, when shopping for cover, they can be confident knowing that the price they see for an AIG Gold policy, for example, is the price they would get if they went to AIG directly. This is hugely powerful for a consumer. It's how to get travel protection with price certainty – our prices are the best in the market. When you purchase online with us, you can do so with absolute pricing certainty.

How to find Best Trip Insurance Work? – Shop Around

In a $3Bn annual market, there is significant competition. Trip Insurance carriers work tirelessly to create travel protection plans that will be competitive. These insurers are licensed to operate in all 50 states, and DC. They distribute insurance for travelers through their own sites, and also through CruiseInsurance101's Travel Insurance Marketplace.

When you visit a site run by one of the carriers, you will only see their own products. They will not attempt to show you policies provided by any other insurer. That makes sense – why would they try to compete against themselves?

Which is the Best Trip Insurance? - Compare & Save

As an alternative, you could search for policies from many different travel protection carriers, and run the same quote with each and every one of them. You would need to compare relevant cover levels, in addition to prices, across each site you came to. But this type of checking, site by site, takes a long time.

So, why not let us do it for you? A trip insurance store, like CruiseInsurance101, makes so much sense. It is free to you – we do not charge you for our services.

Cancellation Trip Insurance

When booking a vacation many of us are worried about trip cancellation. What if I get sick? If I lose my job I need to cancel my vacation - can I get a refund? What if I just change my mind and don't want to go?

For these, and other reasons, travelers will frequently look to insure their trip with Cancellation Travel Insurance. This type of protection is embedded into every comprehensive trip cancellation plan, along with other benefits.

But, there are different types of cancellation coverage, and it is important to know what is covered, and what is not. Every travel policy will have a type of 'Dreadful Cancellation' cover. This trip cancellation benefit is designed to help when something has gone truly wrong. A death, or serious illness of a family member or traveling companion, for instance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance - Options

Cancel for Work Reasons cover is more expensive. This cover starts to work in the event that an employee is made redundant before travel. Some insurance carriers insist that a worker has been employed for at least 3 years, whilst others need only a single year of service. Such details matter, which is why it is worth reading the insurance certificate.

Where Cancel for Work Trip Insurance coverage can be helpful is if it incorporates cover for vacation cancellation. Many of us have vacation approved by an employer, only to have that vacation cancelled again in the future.

The final type of holiday cancellation protection that some travelers seek is called Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance. It does exactly what it sounds like. It allows a traveler, subject to certain booking conditions, to receive a 75% refund on any non-refundable travel costs, if they cancel within 48 hours of departure.

Medical Travel Insurance - Critical Timing

The purchase of Travel Medical Insurance is time sensitive. What we mean by that is that certain benefits within a policy will only activate if the policy has been bought very soon after initial vacation deposit. We share time sensitive information within each quote. This way a traveler can compare time sensitivity within each vacation insurance plan.

Many comprehensive travel medical insurance plans will offer a Pre-Existing Waiver to provide cover for a pre-existing condition within the travel health insurance element of cover. These are complex insurances, and can be of great comfort to a traveler. But they will only be activated if the policy is bought quickly after the initial trip deposit. Pre-Existing Conditions are something that many people live with. It is simple to gain medical travel insurance for a pre existing condition if travelers act quickly.

We cannot stress this enough – the time to think about travel medical insurance is not just before departure. It is when you make your initial trip payment.

Travel Health Insurance – US Domestic

Many travelers seek out trip insurance simply for the medical travel insurance that comes embedded in a policy. Travel Health Insurance can offer great value.

Many domestic travelers within the USA seek travel medical cover. For some it is because their out-of-state medical cover is very weak, or very expensive. So, trip medical coverage for a US domestic traveler can be good value.

Travel health insurance cover can allow 'hospital of choice' as well as 'primary cover'. Primary cover means that the trip medical insurance carrier takes immediate financial responsibility. This means that the insured traveler does not have any out-of-pocket expenses.

Travel Health Insurance - International

International medical travel insurance is a further extension. Most travelers do not have health coverage that supports them overseas. So, trip medical cover can be critical for them. Remember as well that US Medicare does not apply overseas. The US Government will not provide a letter of guarantee for payment. Our Insurers have travel medical assistance teams who support injured or sick travelers. They can advise on hospitals or clinics, and help overcome any language barriers.

Travel Evacuation Insurance

Travel Emergency Evacuation cover can help get a traveler out of a country if the country unexpectedly becomes dangerous. The assistance service of the will work with you to help try to get you and your family to safety. Many think of this as an invaluable form of cover in an unstable world.

Medical Evacuation Insurance helps bring people home, or to a suitable medical facility, in the event of injury or sickness overseas. Long-range medical evacuations can cost in excess of $100,000. So it is no wonder that travelers would prefer to insure the costs of an emergency evacuation or a medical evacuation.

Our Travel Health Insurance Reviews share the level of cover that is offered on every policy.

Lost and Delayed Baggage

It is a sad fact that airlines get delayed, and bags get lost. Included within the rates that we provide are coverage levels for lost baggage and delayed flights.

Best Travel Insurance Reviews

We review each and every insurer that we work with. The first part of our trip insurance review concerns the financial health of the individual insurer. There is little point in buying the cheapest trip insurance from a carrier who is financially weak. We would worry that the insurer may not be able to make good on any insurance claim.

For that reason we rely on A.M. Best Insurance ratings. Each of our medical travel insurance carriers holds an A.M. Best Rating of at least 'A' – Excellent. Think of these as our Trip Insurance Ratings.

Our customers should notice that there is an A.M. Best rating in every quote box. We use this system to share our opinion of each carrier's travel insurance ratings. These trip and travel heath insurance reviews offer great clarity to a customer.

This 'A' rating means that our insurance carriers have very strong balance sheets, operating performances and business profiles. Both when viewed as stand-alone entities, but also when compared with other insurance carriers.

How to Buy Travel Insurance – Compare & Save, Quickly

Purchasing best rate travel insurance is simple through our Travel Insurance Marketplace. Your medical travel insurance quote shows you the insurance carrier, their plans, and the cost of travel insurance. You will see within the trip insurance quotation each and every carrier's A.M. Best Rating. Your trip insurance policy is issued immediately upon purchase.

There are not many tips for buying travel insurance online. But, we think that comparing among top-rated plans is one of the best.

At CruiseInsurance101 we always suggest that when you travel you should consider travel protection. You can get an anonymous trip protection quote in seconds, and compare dozens of the top travel insurance plans from many of the largest US travel insurers.

Remember, you won't find the same plans available at a better price. Price certainty is guaranteed as a result of anti-discriminatory insurance law in the US.

Travel Insurance Cost – Price Guarantee

Travel Insurance Comparison – Will I Pay More Buying Travel Insurance from a Comparison Website?

In short, a trip insurance quote from Travel Insurance Marketplace CruiseInsurance101 is the same price you would see from the trip insurance carrier direct. We are not allowed to compete on price for 'filed' insurance products. No one is.

Safe Travels.